Benefits of Cloud Calls

The global cloud market continues to grow at an increasing rate, and the cloud call services are increasingly becoming a robust tool for delivering excellent client experience. According to a recent study by Forrester, the global cloud market is likely to hit $236 billion by 2020. The cloud tech promises improved efficiency, greater scalability, and lower costs to businesses. This is the primary reason cloud solutions are a perfect choice for all business intending to optimize client service practices with optimum efficiency.

Here are the benefits of cloud calls and the reason any business that use network switches (conmutadores) to cloud-based call services and other related cloud technology won’t be disappointed.

Greater scalability

One of the on-demand nature of cloud technology is the true scalability for businesses when necessary. For instance, when call centers experience a significant volume of cases particularly during holidays, extra agents might be required to keep up the growing demand. That allows for greater scalability.


Cloud solutions are easy to set up and enable greater versatility for the agents. These solutions provide data analysis and processing abilities based on the current demand. With that, agents from different brands from any part of the world can offer excellent client service from virtually anywhere.

Besides, cloud-based solutions enable agents working across many contact centers or other locations to work in collaboration, offering businesses greater efficiency and flexibility.


In addition to the versatility associated with cloud calls, call agents experience better efficiency when using the cloud. Indeed, an intuitive interface enables them to handle client data across different channels and perhaps help them resolve various cases with a higher level of precision. Features such as IVR, prioritized callbacks, and ACD save agents time. Also, efficient routing matches clients with most qualified agents for better client experience.

Lower costs

One of the unique elements of cloud solutions is that they are cost-effective. This is because they tend to reduce the relevant upfront costs than other on-site solutions. Besides, you can upgrade hosted cloud solutions easily (inexpensively), allowing you to integrate better platforms and an affordable cost. This is possible for consumers who use a pay-as-you-go consumption model and opt first to test the model with a free trial.

Better security

Cloud solutions are associated with a better level of security. For instance, hybrid cloud solutions offer businesses the flexibility of securing their data in a private cloud and store less sensitive information in a public cloud at a lower cost.

Besides, cloud solutions usually offer better disaster recovery functions than most on-site solutions. Whenever an outage occurs due to a natural disaster or any other disruptive event, most on-site solutions aren’t fully equipped to handle the disruption, and that means workflow is negatively impacted. On the other hand, cloud solutions facilitate continuous operational functionality like allowing agents to connect with their clients via mobile devices even when connectivity is significantly compromised due to disruptive events.

A could call center offers many benefits to both customers and businesses. With enhanced security, scalability, and efficiency, any business can improve the quality of the services they offer to their customers.