Arena. Basic concepts, types, stages of admission to the arena

The game of World of Warcraft is considered one of the most popular and popular among a huge number of players. Arenas are specific territories specially designated for PVP masters (player versus player), where they compete for one of the best things in PVP.

Beginners, just beginning the game process, can participate in the composition of a randomly selected team. When winning or losing in the trial version, points are not awarded.

For experienced gamers, the arenas have significant differences compared to the battlefield. After all, to participate in them you need to register your team, with the name and logo assigned to it. For a quality game in the arena, players must be asses, who are well versed in the mechanics of classes, have the ability to anticipate the actions of an opponent and to understand certain concepts.

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There are several types of arenas available for players. These are the arenas:

  • Dalaran. Underground arena, features of which are raised platform and water flow.
  • Valor. It is equipped with many features that make the battle swift and fleeting.
  • Blade’s Edge Mountains. A massive structure with pits, slopes, trenches bridges and pillars.
  • Nagrand. A field with four columns, on which teams of up to five players can compete.
  • Lordaeron. The arena is small, with pits, a coffin and a cemetery.

The introduction of new arenas into the game in each dope gives an opportunity to constantly receive new territories for battles.

The best players in the arenas are selected using a rating system that earns a rating for the victory, and for the loss, they are removed.

Arena Season is the period during which the players are fighting, and at the end of the team, the highest ranked teams receive mobility (mounts) and ranks as a reward. After this, the rating reset and everything starts again. Participants are warned in advance about the end of the season, which allows them to either pull up or not risk. Having earned a certain number of points, you can purchase PVP items.

Pass to the arena is a kind of qualifying round, when you create a team; provide it with weapons, armor, spells. Usually it consists of three participants.

The main stages of admission to the arena are divided into three parts:

  1. Acquaintance. Teams are created, grinding occurs, participants gain experience. Points in this period are not counted, and at it is end, the rating is reset.
  2. Changes in the team lead to the receipt of sanctions and the loss of points.
  3. The composition of the team cannot changed. You can only create a new team.

Having studied all the subtleties of battles in the arenas, you can safely collect your team and enjoy battles. Buying a boost wow boost on our site will save you time and money, and you will get a lot of new content.

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