A Detailed Explanation on How Speed Cameras Work

Speed cameras tend to detect the speed of the vehicles with the help of detectors installed into the surface of the road or the radar technology. Red light speed cameras also tend to detect travelling over the stop line or permeating the intersection after the lights go red. If the speed of the vehicle goes beyond the standard limit, or a vehicle runs a red light, a digital picture is captured instantly of the offending vehicle by the Traffic Logix cameras.

What does the camera record?

When an offence is detected, a digital image of the vehicle is instantly captured. The image shows the color clearly, type, make and number plate of the vehicle. The digital image also entails:

  1. Date of the offence
  2. Time of the offence
  3. Location details of the camera that captured the picture
  4. Direction of travel of the offending vehicle
  5. Speed of the offending vehicle
  6. Speed limit on the road where the camera is positioned
  7. The lane that the vehicle was travelling within
  8. Other security and integrity parameters

How do the speed cameras work in the multiple lane situation?

Speed and red light cameras tend to monitor multiple lanes with the help of detectors installed into the road surface or the radar technology. It is not possible for the vehicles to avoid the camera detection by the straddling lanes.

Can the camera identify the offending vehicle in a line of traffic?

A speeding vehicle can be easily detected and photographed even though it is in between the lines of vehicles. The angle at which the cameras are installed enables the pictures to be captured, even if another vehicle is nearby.

How do I know that the information recorded is safe and secured?

The original photographed images are preserved digitally and are simply impossible to be overwritten or altered. A security indicator avoids any attempt to tamper with the image at any phase. All the images and relevant information like time, date, and location are totally encrypted. The original image creates the basis of the proof presented in the court. By the means of law, the photographs from the speed cameras can be used as evidence in court and along with the appropriate evidentiary certificates signed by a professional.

How do I know that camera system is reliable and accurate?

The speed and red light camera systems chosen from NSW undergo a comprehensive evaluation and testing process to make sure the system and information are accurate and reliable. The camera systems are inspected and its accuracy is verified and proper operation is conducted before the camera is operated at regular intervals.