6 Things To Do If You Lose Your Phone

People lose their smartphones due to many reasons. It can also be due to utter negligence or carelessness on the part of the user. However, in case your phone is stolen, you would perhaps wonder why you didn’t install apps similar to handynummer orten free earlier.

To get hold of the device may or may not be possible but you need to follow a set of steps to prevent it from possible misuse:

Report to your network providers: This is the first thing to be done in case of lost or stolen mobile phone. Your network provider has to be informed of the theft or loss so that they block the service straight away. By doing so you will be saved from paying bills for the unauthorized calls, which may be expensive. If premium calls are made by the unauthorized user even after reporting then the insurance will come in handy.

Inform your friends and family: The phone contains a contact list and messages that can be misused by the fraudster. Call your friends and family and inform them that you are not handling the number currently and ask them to beware of any fraud in case anyone rings up as an imposter.


Report To the police:  Your lost or stolen device can be used for something illegal. Therefore, make sure you file a complaint of the missing device within 24 hrs of the event. Also, make sure you provide them with the necessary details if the event involved theft by force, thus, helping them trace the criminal. Some applications like handynummer orten free help them find your phone and its location.


Insurance:   Check if your phone is insured as it might help you buy a new device. Some retailers provide this option where you might be covered for the half of cost or more. Some service consumers in countries like US and UK also have the luxury of insurance against unauthorized calls made between losing the phone and reporting it missing.

Get a replacement Sim: After blocking the SIM that was lost get a new SIM in the same contract. This may increase the chances of getting all your lost contacts again if you didn’t make a back up if them.

Register: In case you buy a new phone register the device with services that could help you in future. These services register your IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number which is unique and help you trace them with GPS tracker.