6 Proven Tips – Know How to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates?

The current e-commerce industry is prospering more than ever before thanks to the number of online shoppers which are rising exponentially and to the unstoppable growth in the number of smartphone users!

The technological innovations in the field of virtual reality augmented reality, and Artificial intelligence has played a crucial role in the success of e-commerce development by facilitating businesses to meet up with the prospects of tech-savvy buyers.

This apparent growth in the e-commerce industry has assisted many businesses to encompass eCommerce development only to knock their performance beliefs. The digital sphere of success is cut-throat competitive too. So, in order to get an edge among the crowd and be distinctly present, you need to follow some useful eCommerce tips –

  • Transparency in shipping and return policy

If your business does not provide free shipping, then it is very crucial to make your buyers aware about the shipping policies. You should highlight them on priority before the buyer make his way to the checkout process to avoid last minute surprises (shocks) with sudden shipping charges.
Moreover, let your buyers get free of the fear of getting trapped with an undesired product by having an easy return plan in place; this make you lose a lot on your sales.

  • Smooth website navigation

eCommerce website navigation must be intuitive; which means, the product in the menu items should be presented in a sensible manner so that your buyers can spot what they are searching for quickly.

Offer them options to sort the products so that they don’t struggle through the pages of results to get what they want. Also, ensure that you set the language of your website to one that matches the language used by your targeted audience.

  • Website loading speed

Site speed plays a significant factor influencing the conversion rates of your eCommerce sites and sales. If your eCommerce site takes a long time to load, then it is evident that it can achieve fewer successful transactions only. According to stats from trusted sources, more than 70 percent of shoppers on the web said that they don’t prefer going back to a poorly performing eCommerce site for purchase and 40 percent people told that they prefer to share their disappointing experience with other people. So, this clearly shows how much loss a slow loading website can cause to your eCommerce business.

  • Mobile optimized

Mobile optimization is a necessity today for an eCommerce website, as the crowd of online shoppers on mobile devices has considerably improved over the years. Furthermore, you should also provide voice search options to your buyers to improve the overall shopping experience.

  • Compelling Product Landing Page

High-quality images are the fundamental element of your product landing page and are endowed with the ability to reduce many doubts from the buyers’ mind. Video-based content is also essential for distinguishing products, building brand interest and creating excitement among customers about a new product or service.

Ensure to customize the product copy and let it speak about the advantages users are going to gain from the product rather than focusing product features only. Also, you should include user reviews and ratings about your products as they can significantly impact buying decision of your website visitors.

  • Simple checkout process

Present your shipping policies clearly in your eCommerce store to prevent cart abandonment by the buyers. Also, offer them the facility to estimate upfront tax based on their region code to have a fair idea of the ultimate price of the product they prefer to buy. Always incorporate the guest checkout facility in your eCommerce store so that shoppers who are not very interested in creating an account can also create a purchase and you don’t miss out on them.


The above article provides proven useful tips which help you improve the conversion rates of your eCommerce store. Moreover, it is imperative to have a highly functional site as we now know how disadvantageous a slow loading website is for your eCommerce business.

Author Bio:

Deepal Bhatnagar is a creative content writer and she is associated with Baymediasoft, a Magento ecommerce development company in USA. She is a passionate writer and is actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuff.