3 Best Screen Protectors for High-End Smart Phones

In life the best and most precious things are also often the most fragile… this statement is just as true for high end smartphones as it is for a glass trophy. The need for a screenprotector to secure your phone from damage has become necessary especially with the feature laden phones that companies like Apple and Samsung are releasing into the market.

Our Phones have become far more precious to us that they were just a decade ago and this is basically down to their enhanced functionalities and the fact that we now need it to complete almost every daily task or to accompany us while we complete them.

Screen protectors have become a mainstay for two reasons; The phasing away of keypad phones and replacement by touchpad phones. Secondly, the high cost of replacing accessories like the screen of these touchpad phones.

As simple as it may appear protectors could come in different forms and with different strengths and qualities.  This article will help you choose right:

1.  The Premium IQ Shield

 Arguably one of the most popular and best brand of screen protectors, IQ shield has proven quality and durability and has even been rated as the best Screenprotector of 2018 by Livewire.

All IQ Shield protectors are Tempered Glass Protectors and are backed by a 100% Hassle-Free, Lifetime Warranty Replacement Program which is very attractive to customers and hard to match by competitors.

It is constructed of high-quality tempered glass designed to offer unmatched scratch resistance and an anti fingerprint stain mechanism. The screen is also a 99.9% transparent ballistic glass which ensures that the images on your device are not impaired from their HD quality.

IQ Shield is available for a vast array of High-end Phones, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry and Huawei to mention a few.

Generally IQ Shield is both popular and satisfactory and a good protector choice for you.

2.  The Ringke Brand’s Invisible Defender

The Ringke brand has already garnered some level of popularity around the phone accessory market and so it is no real surprise to see their product mentioned in this article.

The Invisible Defender is mostly popular for its catchy and interestingly descriptive name, but as users soon realize, its fame is well deserved for reasons far more than that. The Invisible Defender is made from urethane and the film is optically enhanced to encourage clear protection for the eye.

Invisible Defender is available for a very wide range of phone models as well, ranging from  the iPhoneX to the Samsung Galaxy series and then Experia, Nexus and even the Zenphone.

Its emphasis on durability and safety makes it a great choice as well.

3.    Screen Protector by Voxkin

While the Voxkin product offers most of the same features that many other protectors offer, it has a particular edge in aesthetics and scratch resistance. V

oxkin uses a super slim tempered glass protector for your phone that fits stylishly on phones of different sizes, curves, and colors.

On the Voxkin pack is boldly written, “Scratch Proof” and as it turns out, the inscription is not there for the fun of it as the protector is designed to withstand the defacing of the phone that may come from an accidental drop, impact and scratches.

Voxkin provides protectors for majority of the high end smartphones as well.

Your choice of a great screen protector will largely depend on your habits, personality and duties, but whatever your peculiarities, you should be able find just what you need from this brief list