What does 24/7/365 Support Really Mean in Webhosting

Webhosting can often be a very technical issue for some new bloggers and webmasters that have no technical background. In this article I will attempt to answer a question for which there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Because of that starting a new website can often be very stressful. In this post, I will attempt to clarify the issue of round the clock support and what it really means for many marketers of web hosting solutions.

What is 24/7/365 Support in Webhosting?

24/7/365 support basically means that you can call or chat live with the hosting company’s representative at any time of the day or night all throughout the year! That said, it’s important to note that most of the webhosting companies are careful with this particular claim. They normally promise their clients support but not necessarily technical support.

Remember that support and technical support are not the same thing. If 24/7/365 technical support is crucial to your site you need to determine if this kind of support is available before making your decision.

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What is the difference between data centre support and call centre support?

There are many web hosting providers that promise round the clock support. However, the local number they give you gets redirected to a non-specialist team in a call center that’s probably located in another country. A member of the call centre support team answers your phone call, records your issues and then promises to forward the ticket to the server technician. This type of virtual support is usually outsourced to companies that handle support calls on behalf of many web hosting companies. Well, the call centre support staff might be able to help you with some minor problems but they tend to have limited technical knowledge. You certainly don’t need this kind of support when your eCommerce website is down and you are desperate to talk to a knowledgeable server technician in the actual data center.

A good host will actually employ their own staff who have specific technical knowledge so that whenever you encounter an issue with your website they’ll able to accurately test things out and pinpoint the exact problem. Before you buy a web hosting plan ask the sales representative if dedicated, live technical support is available around the clock.

How to test the quality of your web hosting provider support?

It is important to understand just how quickly your web hosts’ support team responds, how competent their support resources are and how you are allowed to contact them.

To test the quality of the web host support consider contacting them on a weekend or at night. If you don’t have a customer ID, your call will most probably be answered by sales support or a member of the company’s front end team. In most instances, technical support and sales support are not the same teams but you can determine the quality of the technical support by the overall quality of the sales support.

If the web hosts’ sales team answers your questions promptly and knowledgeably, and if they ask for your feedback regarding their service, then you are dealing with a good host that focuses on quality. If you are happy with their response time and quality of answers then chances are the after-sales support will be quite as good as well. On the other hand, if the pre-sales support is not any good, you should simply move on to another web hosting provider.

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