12 Best Web Conferencing Solutions

There are many solutions for conducting online conferences. In this article, we present 12 best tools dedicated to web conferencing.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best web conferencing software in the market. The software empowers cross-platform chat, meaning that instant messages can be either sent privately or publicly. Recording and playback are also supported, which allows future playback and/or sharing anytime to any device.

For effectiveness, ezTalks is equipped with ultra HD video functionality, clear audios, and scheduling features to allow users to know about upcoming meetings, and share recordings easily. This platform also presents a number of control settings such as permit speak, kick out, lock meeting, which go a long way in ensuring that a meeting becomes a success.

ezTalks offers a free video conferencing that allows you to host an online meeting with up to 100 participants without any cost. Besides, its paid version is also scalable to the needs of your business, from 50 participants to 500 participants, with more powerful features.

2. Mikogo

Mikogo offers several features including sharing your screen, sharing files, the participation of 25 people, planning a meeting in advance, recording the conference or meeting, adding its brand and logo, Share a multiuser whiteboard online, control the quality of the conference by reducing the bandwidth. Mikogo requires installation on your computer and runs on all operating systems (Mac, Windows and Linux). It can be configured in 30 different languages. The rate varies between 10 € and 58 € per month.

3. Adobe Connect

To use Adobe Connect Now, you first need to download a small application to install on your computer. This will allow you to create your meeting room. After that, you will get your URL address, easy to memorize. To make an online conference, simply invite your contacts by communicating your URL address to them

Adobe Connect Now lets you do online conferencing, share files, manage voice feeds in VOIP, share a whiteboard, chat, share your screen, and make a video conference. Adobe has put in place a range of offerings for up to 1,500 participants per conference. Rates are complex and available only on request.

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a solution from the German publisher Citrix online that allows you to organize conferences and meetings online after downloading a connection application. GoToMeeting allows you to share screens, schedule a meeting (integration with Outlook), chat, change meeting animators, transfer control of the conference, and use a whiteboard. The HDFace video function allows you to share your webcam in high definition.

The subscription to GoToMeeting is 39 € / month which allows to manage conferences up to 25 people. For webinars up to 1,000 people we will use GoToWebinar (79 € / month).

5. Webex

Webex is Cisco’s web conferencing solution. It offers all the features needed for successful online conferencing: presentations, document and application sharing, media sharing, instant messaging, file transfer, and more.

Webex offers a free solution that limits meetings to 3 people without HD. There are 3 professional versions the solution: from 19 € / month (8 people / meeting) to 69 € / month (100 people / meeting). Webex also offers a solution to organize webinars up to 3,000 participants (Webex Event center).

6. Vidyo

Vidyo is a high-quality videoconferencing solution that has recently introduced web conferencing tools. Google uses Vidyo’s technology for its Hangouts webconference solution. Vidyo enables conferencing and online video conferencing, with high-quality video in high definition.

In addition to the usual web conferencing capabilities, Vidyo can be integrated with IBM Lotus Sametime, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Lync. Like Adobe, Vidyo does not publish online rates: you have to request a quote via a form…

7. Lync Online

Lync is the successor to Office Live meeting, Microsoft’s web conferencing solution. It is incorporated into Office 365 but can be installed separately. It allows to connect to other computers equipped with Lync or Skype (bought by Microsoft) but it is also possible to invite participants who do not have them.

Lync has all the functionalities of web conferencing (audio or video meetings, screen sharing online, whiteboard …) in the most expensive option. Lync Online costs 1.60 € HT / user / month in the single version (voice and video calls + chat) and 4, 50 € HT / user / month for the complete offer.

8. Powwownow

Powwownow is a conference call service that also allows you to organize web conferences with its Showtime service (sharing screens, whiteboard). Powwownow is easy to implement with the installation of an application on its computer. Its billing mode is original: no billing by Powwownow, just the price of the phone call to settle.

9. Arkadin Anywhere

Arkadin Anywhere is the web conferencing solution of the Japanese telecommunications operator, NTT communications. It also allows to share its screen, to share documents, to use a whiteboard. The great advantage of this tool is that it does not require a subscription, let alone prior reservations. The billing (tariff on request) is done with the use.

10. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a tool mostly known for remote control of a computer. TeamViewer also allows you to organize online conferences. It has several functionalities: a table to make presentations, participation of 25 people simultaneously, instant discussion, document and screen sharing, the possibility to stop a meeting and save it in format. AVI for future use. TeamViewer offers three annual rates, from € 499 to € 1,990.

11. Yugma

Yugma offers a web conferencing solution with all the advanced features for these online meetings: whiteboard, screen sharing, storage, recording, playback and webcast. Yugma is known for its compatibility with Skype for which it reinforces the tools of collaboration in the workplace. Yugma can be used for webinars up to 500 participants. Yugma is free for a user and offers 5 rates, depending on the number of users, between $24.50/year up to $ 1,599.50/year.

12. Omnijoin

Omnijoin is a web conferencing offer from Brother. OmniJoin offers a quality service that uses the compression of video streams that guarantee an HD display regardless of the configuration used by the user. It offers two rates: 19, 39 and 69 € / month.