10 Effective Tips to Help You Play the Guitar Better

Progressing on the guitar depends on what you learn. You may think that you are doing very well, but all guitarists can improve after thinking about what they are doing. Here are 10 practical and conceptual tips to help you play better.

Of course, “better” is subjective. It all depends on your tastes. But rest assured the following tips can help you be the best you have always aspired to be.

#1: Playing with other people
It’s obvious. There are no two people playing the guitar the same way, you will learn more by playing with others. They may know new chords expressing a unique rhythmic style, or simply take you on new influences. Playing the guitar as a duet will sharpen your rhythm while someone plays the solo (or vice versa) or exchange songs. The best friend of the guitarist is another guitarist.

#2: Buying a PRINT METHOD
May seem old-fashioned in 2013, but good guitar books can be a real boost to your game. Whether it’s chords, scales, theory or the three to learn more and you will learn more.

#3: Learn your favorite song notes
Yes, it’s a hard ask. But if you want to play as your heroes, try and learn exactly what they do. It will help you appreciate the art and skill of playing the guitar as a legend.

#4: Take classes with a teacher
Classes are not just for beginners. Every guitarist has some oddities (some bad ones) and a good pro teacher can help fix them. You are never too old to learn from a professional teacher. You have nothing to lose except to learn more.

#5: Register
In your head, you may think that you play very well. Record your performances (solo or in a group) and you may hear differently. It’s a simple way to hear what others hear. This could be painful at times but will help you identify where you need to work to improve.

#6: Use technology
Guitarists are often obsessed with wood, cables, and amps. They can make you sound better, but will not help you play better. From impromptu recording to chord applications to amp / FX emulation software, there is a multitude of techniques that can help you.

#7: Learn to tune rightly

One of the quickest ways to make your sound better in simply being in tune and this should, no doubt, be the first thing to be addressed when you decide to use a guitar. Again, there are some innovative tech gadgets that can help make the job easier. I came across one of them when combing through It’s Nerd tech gadgets. It is a tech device that can help tune your guitar even with your smartphone.

#8: Play Slowly
Of course, you might want to become the fastest guitarist in the city. But when you slow down your game, you will learn more about your own phrasing and rhythm.

#9: Use a metronome
This will also help you with the tempo. Even with unusual rhythms, before or after time, play on the knowledge of rhythm. For those who practice solo, a metronome will be of great help.

#10: Take care of your guitar
We all left our guitars hanging for months. Have a pro set up, set the action, keep it clean … Even a simple change of strings can help you play better.